Illumine II painting


Illumine II painting

Illumine II is a smaller painting with a light expression in beautiful bright color shades.

The painting communicates a positive message through the ease with which colors, basic lines and elements are used. The primary colors in red, yellow and sea-green shades complement the white areas.

It contains both clear contrast between the colors and the lines as well as areas in white and black. And fine shade transitions in the individual colors.

A painting with many stunning details in contrasts, color transitions, lines and organic shapes. A modern painting that will be a good match for a home with both white and colored walls.

A composition that is well-matched between the colors, the lines, the components and the cells. Overall, this means that the artwork appears as a unit.

A contemporary artwork that provides associations of proximity, joy, warmth, and positivity.


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Acrylic on canvas

40×40 cm

Illumine II is produced on a high-quality Italian canvas with a blend of cotton and linen.

The base is a stretch frame with a height of 20 mm. It is made of solid European joined pine wood. With a motif painted on the edge.

You can mount a frame on the painting if you wish.

Beautiful painting in stunning colors, in a dynamic modern expression that brings color to the wall of any home.

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Weight1 kg
Dimensions45 × 45 × 5 cm

Illumine II painting

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