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The artist - who's creating the paintings?

I am a Danish artist, and my name is Michael Lønfeldt.

I love abstract art, and abstract paintings, where I can play with vibrant colors, contrasts and many different materials.

Who am I?

I find abstract art so interesting because it makes me curious about what it represents and what thoughts lie behind the work.

And then it gives me ideas to think out of the box and find good solutions in many situations. Also when it comes to matters that do not immediately have to do with my artworks.

Michael Lønfeldt kunstner - Art by Lønfeldt

In my unique works there are countless small details. As it takes a long time to create – it is not rare I work on the motifs for 2-3 months. Where I have processed them 10-15 times before the process is finished.

As an art painter I can’t help but see motifs everywhere I move around. The ideas for the motives I often get on trips and trips on the walk, by car or by bike.

Very often it starts with an interesting scenario in nature. It can be an urban environment, a landscape or something completely different that attracts my attention. Because I see facinating lines or interesting color combinations that can be a good starting point for a beautiful painting.

Many Danish artists use note books for collecting their motives.

I prefer to use a camera to maintain interesting moments. It is a good help if it’s hard to remember lines and colors later on.

Michael Lønfeldt laver farverige abstrakte malerier

One of the most important things for me is that I constantly develop as an artist.

That’s why I’m continuously doing exercises. It make my skills better to paint and draw, use the colors and create the motives.

And with regard to the technical ability, I practice and experiment with all sorts of different colors, tools and materials.

It is also why there is a great variation in colors, motifs and expressions, in the abstract art paintings I produce.

But it’ss still possible to recognize my signature, in the way I use paint, materials and tools.

Michael Lønfeldt laver malerier med utallige detaljer

For all art works purchased with me, you can be sure that you get a well-worked work of art. Where motifs, colors, lines and structure together provide a completely unique original abstract painting.

You can use it as part of your very own unique decor of your home.

The story behind my art career

My interest in painting as an artist starts in 2005, when it is originally used to relax from everyday stress.

The colorful abstract motifs quickly receive great positive attention from interested customers. At the same time, I get in contact with a company that sells paintings for furniture stores, and they ask if I am interested in painting reproductions for them.

I said “Yes”, and since the beginning I have painted a lot of reproductions, which primarily have been sold in Danish retail stores.

Kunstner Michael Lønfeldt laver abstrakte malerier

In 2012 I stop producing reproductions because I got tired of doing the same motifs again and again with only 15 minutes for each painting. And instead I start painting my own motifs.

There is a much greater satisfaction in it for myself as an artist. It results in better works that I first released when I believe they are completely ready for launch.

Michael Lønfeldt bruger kun materialer i en høj kunstnerkvalitet

It’s been a great success since in 2012 I started as an artist with a focus on my own works of art.

I have been increasingly busy painting, exhibiting, decorating and many other art-related activities.

In 2016 I began to make graphic art. The foundation is a selection of my paintings that are enlarged. And further processed in Photoshop until colors, lines and items are as I wish. The graphic works are produced as canvas prints in a limited editions.

In 2018 I regularly get inquiries from companies who would like to use my paintings in their products. I therefore start with designing products and packages – always based on my art. And they are currently being used with or in many different products, eg. snowboards, wrist watches, women’s fashion and hometex products.

My studio and gallery

At the moment I am primarily creating art and designs i my home. It is therefore a bit cramped with the space, and it can be a challenge to get tasks coordinated .

Michael Lønfeldt atelier klar til nye malerier

When I have larger interior design tasks with many and large paintings, typically from 150 × 200 cm and up. Then I have a studio of 50 m2, I rent periodically.

However, I have not yet found a permanent studio that lives up to the requirements I have. But I am constantly looking and hoping to find a suitable room soon.

I typically exhibit 6-10 times a year at various companies, organizations, public institutions and art associations. But I do not have a physical gallery where I permanently show the paintings. You can always see all the paintings for sale in my webshop.

You are of course welcome to contact me to see the paintings that interest you.

The materials I use

I use many different materials when I’m creating art.

In terms of paint, I only use acrylic. It is the most fun to work with as the drying time is limited and therefore work must be done quickly – especially on days when I am outside, where it is hot and the sun shines.

Michael Lønfeldt anvender udelukkende kvalitetsmaterialer

I only use artist colors in the best quality for the paintings, and they come from the big known producers, eg. Golden, Liquitex, Lukas, Maimeri, Schmincke, Daler Rowney and Winson & Newton.

I don’t use any other forms of acrylic paint like wall and ceiling paint, because the quality is too poor. The pigment content is too low and the content of the filler too high, the color intensity is lower, the lightfastness is poor, they cannot be mixed with each other and they do not keep the height at thick color layers.

With regard to media, I use only those made for the production of paintings. It’s typical of the Golden, Liquitex and Winsor & Newton brands.

I get my canvases from Italian manufacturers.

I mainly use 2 suppliers who have made stretched canvases for many years. They only use quality canvas. And the stretch frame is made of  European pine wood.

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