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Art Books

I create a lot of paintings. And I constantly making changes to images and texts on my website.

That's the reason why I've collected my Art Books on this page. They contain a selection of the paintings that stand out over a specific time span.

I’m creating a lot of paintings. And as I continually change images, texts and paintings for sale on the website, it may be difficult for interested people to follow how designs and colors evolve over time.

To give you an overview of the most important works of art I make. That shows the development in motifs and colors, and give a direction for where I evolving artistically.

I have made Art Books for the different periods of time. 

The individual catalog can span over a whole year, or shorter periods in periods of significant development.

Via the link you can open the catalogs directly, or download them to be saved for later use.

The paintings in the 2017 Autum Catalog show a high degree of homogeneity in the use of colors and motifs. The process of finding into the core of the artistic style and signature has been completed in this regard.

QI am evolving in a pure abstract universe, emphasizing strong colors. Combined with a blend of sharp contrasts and colors that flow easily together. Complemented by organic shapes.

View and download the catalog here:

The catalog for 2017 Summer shows continuously more stability in the quality of the paintings.

The experimentation with using many different colors and madia in the paintings has been completed and I have chosen the methods and tools that I will use in the future.

Colors and motifs also become more uniform. However, very strong colors are still being used, and it will also be in the future.

View and download the catalog here:

The catalog for 2017 Spring contains paintings where it is clear that I am in the middle of the process of developing techniques, colors, motifs and figures.

View and download the catalog here:

The catalog for 2016 shows selected pieces of the paintings I have made from the beginning and until the end of 2016.

Many different techniques, materials, paints and tools have been used. An experimental phase where the most important thing is to develop my artistic ability.

View and download the catalog here:

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