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I exhibit my paintings with companies, organizations, public institutions and art associations.

Here you can see where I exhibit right now, where I have exhibited and where you can meet me next time.

I like to make exhibitions with my paintings at art associations as well as public and private companies and organizations.

And it may be a unusual places. Where you normally don’t expect to meet exhibitions with paintings. For example, on a drilling rig, in a supermarket, at a property dealer, on a petrol tank or in many other places.

It does not cost anything for the exhibitor, except the costs for transportation. But I also expect you to buy a minimum of 1,000 eur of paintings so that I can cover the expenses I have.

Exhibition EXHAUSTO

If you are interested in exhibiting my art, please contact me here:

Exhibition terms

Note – it does not cost anything for exhibits, only transportation costs

Purchase of paintings for 1,000 eur

The exhibition period can be arranged according to your wishes, but max. 3 months

The number of paintings (and sizes) can be arranged according to your wishes

I provide transportation to and from the exhibition center

I would like to help with the hanging of the pictures (if possible)

All paintings are ready for hanging – they are mounted with fittings and wire

Need help with making exhibitions?

If you have no experience, but you want an exhibition of paintings in the company where you work. Then I would like to help you get organized and getting it done.

The first thing to be done is a request to the management for permission to make an art exhibition. If you own the company, it’s quickly done.

Otherwise, I would like to write a letter.

With a background to why an exhibition of paintings is a good idea. What it can bring to the workplace. As well as practical information about the event itself, what period when and how long.

Udstilling af malerier i Kunstkælderen

Next step is a consideration about where in your workplace there is room for exhibitions.

All that is needed is wall space.

But I always recommend that it happens in areas where there is a large traffic of employees, customers and suppliers. So your exhibition with paintings is seen by many, and can form the basis for a good talk.

Then we will find out how many paintings and sizes you need for your exhibition.

Depending on taste, colors on walls, textiles and furniture, there may be differences in whether it is best with small or large images and which colors fit in.

Udstilling af malerier hos Civica

When your exhibition with paintings will be held, I will come with the paintings. I’d like to get them hung up.

It is always a good idea to make a list of the paintings that are shown. And send it to all employees at the workplace.

If relevant, I would like to make a small presentation of the paintings and my art.

A good tip that gives a little extra activity is to make a contest where the most beautiful painting is voted.

When your exhibition with paintings is over, I will ensure the paintings are picked up again.

Current and upcoming exhibitions

01.04. – 30.04.2018 Orifarm, Odense

Previous exhibitions

Udstilling af malerier hos Syddansk Universitet

Dalum Landbrugsskole, Odense
Netværk Danmark, Svendborg
Middelfart Kommune
Munkebo Bibliotek
ARDO, Nyborg

Udstilling af malerier i Plums Gård

ARDO, Nyborg
Syddansk Universitet, HR Service, Odense
Kulturhus Svendborg, Svendborg
Sommerudstilling, Lillebælt Kunstnerne, Assens
Energi Fyn, Odense
Kerteminde Bibliotek, Kerteminde
Kunstmessen Eventyrlig Kunst, Bogense
Ebeltoft Kunstforenings Påskeudstilling, Tinghuset, Ebeltoft
Maersk Inspirer, Nordsøen, Norge
Kunstkælderen, Rosengårdcentret, Odense

Exhibition Munkebo Library

Kunstkælderen, Rosengårdcentret, Odense
Syddansk Universitet, HR Service, Odense
Medlemsudstilling, Levins Hus, Faaborg
Civica, Odense
Gråsten Landbrugsskole, Gråsten
EXHAUSTO, Langeskov
Statsfængslet Nyborg
Salon Design, Søndersø
Nyborg Sygehus Caféen, Nyborg
KANSBERG, Rudkøbing

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