Paintings for sale - Evolution II - colorful paintings

Colorful paintings

What do you get when you buy from me?

A unique original artwork, the only one in the world

An exclusive quality – I only use high-quality materials intended for paintings

You deal directly with me

30 days full return on all paintings

Ready to hang – all artworks are fitted with powerful brackets and a wire especially made for paintings

By clicking on the painting images, you will continue to their own pages where you can see more photos and read about the paintings - how are they made and what is the inspiration behind them.

100x200 cm

Large painting in beautiful colors - Diversity III
Diversity III

80x180 cm

Stort maleri i skønne røde blå grønne farver - Elevation III
Elevation III
Flot stort maleri i skønne farver - Altitude I
Altitude I
farverige flotte store malerier Deflection I
Deflection I
Stort maleri med mange detaljer - Shadows II
Shadows II

70x180 cm

Stort farverigt maleri til stuen Nature Colors I
Nature Colors I
Fields of Color I

100x100 cm

Modern art - Altitude III painting
Altitude III
maleri til din stue - Elevation II
Elevation II
Store malerier i dejlige glade farver - Brilliance I maleri
Brilliance I
Maleri i stærke farver køb online Diversity II
Diversity II
Store malerier i naturens skønne farver Nature Colors II maleri
Nature Colors II
Stort maleri i gule røde og blå farver Galaxy II
Galaxy II
Sparkling I
Vibrant Moor V
Flot rødt maleri Abstract Colors II
Abstract Colors II

70x140 cm

Stort abstrakt maleri til stuen - Elevation I maleri
Elevation I
stort farverigt maleri der passer perfekt over sofaen - Intensity III
Intensity III
Store farverige malerier til salg - Swan I
Swan I
Stort abstrakt maleri til stuen - Continuum I maleri
Continuum I
Dedication I
store malerier til hjemmet Deflection II
Deflection II

80x80 cm

Maleri til salg - Altitude II maleri
Altitude II
Farverige malerier til salg i online galleri - Suburbs IV
Suburbs IV
Flot abstrakt maleri i dæmpede farver Daylight I
Daylight I
Colorful painting for the wall in your living room - Infinity II
Infinity II
Horizon III
Alteration IV

60x80 cm

Online galleri med farverige abstrakte malerier Organic VI
Organic VI
Flot maleri med små fine detaljer og skønne farver Alteration III
Alteration III
Farverige abstrakte malerier - Fireflies I maleri
Fireflies I

40x120 cm

Malerier til væggen - Brilliance II
Brilliance II
abstrakt maleri med blåt havmotiv Rough Sea I
Rough Sea I
Solar Storm I
Diversity IV

60x60 cm

Moderne malerier i flotte farver - Ascent I
Ascent II
Galleri online med farverige malerier - Exposure I maleri
Exposure I
Emotions I maleri
Emotions I
Malerier til salg røde farver Infinity I
Infinity I
Organic V
Solar Storm III

40x40 cm

Paintings in 40×40 cm you find in my webshop:

30x30 cm

Paintings in 30×30 cm you find in my webshop:

Online gallery

On this page I present my colorful paintings in my online gallery.

I do not currently use my own or other physical galleries for the sale of paintings.

Therefore, you can only see my works in my home or studio, the exhibitions I have at art associations and companies, the art exhibitions I attend to, and here in my online gallery.

Paintings for sale

Here you can find original paintings for sale in the online gallery, which you can buy by contacting me via the contact form, by mail or phone.

In addition, I also show some of the paintings I have already sold. They are intended as inspiration. And they can also be used as a basis if you are interested in making a painting on order. Where you have an influence on how it should look.

Buy paintings online

That customers only can buy paintings online keeps costs down, as there is no commission, premises, staff, etc.

And ultimately, it will benefit the customers, as it means that I can keep the prices of my art lower than it would otherwise be possible.

Moderne abstract paintings

I only work with abstract painting in a modern style. And all the works are unique, made with acrylic paint. There may be figurative elements in the motifs, but it is not always the case.

My universe, on the other hand, always contains a lot of lovely powerful colors and countless small details.

It gives life to the paintings.

Large selection

There is a big selection of variations in the motifs, sizes and colors I make.

It’s a deliberate choice. So there is something almost for every taste.

The colorful paintings shown here are divided into sizes in which the large paintings are placed first, and then the other sizes are in descending order.

Large paintings

I’m doing a lot of large paintings. They are a really good choice to decorate in rooms with a lot of space or where there are large wall surfaces.

You get a unique, colorful and beautiful decor that impresses friends and family. And then it gives a good and happy atmosphere in the room.

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