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Canvas prints

Here on the page you will find the designs I have chosen to make canvas print.

There are some talk of canvas prints I have in stock, where they can be delivered quickly. Partly there are designs that you can order and where there is a delivery time of 4-6 weeks.

Common to all the canvas prints, then they are printed on a solid 100% cotton canvas, which is mounted on a 4 cm high stable stretch frame of European block pine wood. And a excellent ink has been used, which ensures that the colors have a durability of at least 30 years.

If you would like to get an art print on canvas from another of my paintings, please contact me and I will investigate if this is possible.

70x140 cm - products in stock

Kunsttryk til væggen - Fragments I
Fragments I
Billede på lærred - Fragments II
Fragments II
Lærredstryk - Fragments III
Fragments III
Lærredstryk i farver til væggen - Essentials I
Essentials I
Farverige lærredstryk smukt motiv - Essentials III
Essentials III
Store lærredstryk i røde farver - Essentials II
Essentials II

70x140 cm - ordering products

Farverigt lærredstryk - Illusion I
Illusion I
Kunstprint i smukke farver - Illusion II
Illusion II
Flot lærredstryk i sorte og hvide farver - Colorless I
Colorless I
Smukt lærredstryk med fine detaljer - Colorless II
Colorless II

Delivery time for ordering goods is 4-6 weeks.

Please contact me for price and shipping information.

Online gallery

Here you’ll find the canvas prints I have in my online gallery.

Since I do not sell my canvas print elsewhere, it is only here that you have the opportunity to see and buy them.

There is always the opportunity to see the canvas prints at my own home in my studio. And of course the places I exhibit, primarily at companies and art associations. As well as at the art fairs where I participate.

Canvas prints for sale

You have the opportunity to buy the canvas prints shown here. You can always contact me by phone, sms or mail.

If you have seen a painting or a selection of a painting, then I also make specially designed prints that are created according to your wishes.

You choose which size the pressure should have and whether it should be mounted on a regular 2 cm or an extra high 4 cm stretch frame.

Buy canvas prints online

The fact that you can only buy my canvas prints here, keeps the prices down to a reasonable level. Because I don’t have extra costs for gallery commission, employees or showrooms.

It is a great advantage for you. This means that I can keep the price of the canvas prints further down, and you can buy the works cheaper than it would otherwise have been possible.

Modern style canvas prints

I only create canvas prints in modern abstract designs.

Each motif is unique, and is based on one of my paintings.

When I have found the area of a painting I want to work on, I adapt colors, lines and elements until I am satisfied with the final result. And when the canvas is printed and put on a stretch frame. I finish with 2 layers of topcoat to provide extra protection against dirt and UV light.

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