Malerier til salg af kunstner Michael Lønfeldt
Colorful paintings make life a little more fun
They evoke emotions, inspire and motivate


All my paintings are unique original artworks, only the original exists. They are impossible to copy.


I only use the best art materials. Italian canvases and acrylic paint in the highest artist quality.

& refunds

If you regret your purchase, you have 30 days full return on all paintings. I refund the full amount of the painting.

Deal directly
with me

When you deal directly with me, I can answer any question you have. And you get full value for your money, no  comissions.

Ready to

All paintings are delivered with solid brackets and metal wire. Ready for hanging on your walls.

Paintings by artist
Michael Lønfeldt

On my website you find information about me and my colorful abstract paintings. You can look at photos and videos of the artworks I create, and read about how I've produced them.

And I regularly write about the process of painting, how you do the interior design in your home unique with paintings, what your art tells about you as a person and other art-related topics.

Kunstner Michael Lønfeldt

The artist

Here you can read about me and what the art means to me. In addition, I tell the story behind.

Webshop med abstrakte malerier - Art by Lønfeldt

Paintings for sale

In my webshop you find the paintings currently available for sale. In many different designs and sizes.

Store malerier i smukke farver - Brilliance I

Decorate with paintings

Here I tell you how to decorate your home with paintings. Learn about hanging, quality and how to find perfect paintings.

What our customers say

Loved colors and shapes

Thank you so much for the update and thanks for the solid packaging. I look forward to hanging the painting up in the near future. Loved both colors and shapes. It makes me smile.

– Ida

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Art Book 2017 Autum

New catalog with current works
- Art Book 2017 Autum

I continuously make art catalogs with my art works. To keep track of how I develop artistic with motifs and colors.

You can view and download them here:

Visit my online gallery

I always have a large and varied selection of my paintings for sale here in my online gallery. You will find many different motifs, color combinations and sizes. And there are new ones coming up continously. There are new updates every week, so it may be a good idea to check in regularly.

An abstract painting fits perfectly into modern homes, typically held in the Scandinavian style, with a stylish look and bright colors. Here, a painting with color and positive mood becomes a natural focal point that attracts attention. With a good contrast to the neutral colors of the decor. It gives life and soul to the walls in the living room and the other rooms in your home.

I have no physical gallery and only show my art here on my website in my online gallery. Because it means fewer costs for me and ensures that I can sell to customers at reasonable prices.

How to decorate your home with paintings

You can be inspired to decorate with paintings in the living room and the rest of your home.

If you would like to impress friends and family with your art collection. Then I hints about what to consider when buying art for the living room and other rooms.

There are various factors to consider. Such as how much space you have on the wall. It’s important for what size the work should have. And how to consider if you have to get one or more paintings.

Another important factor is what colors you have on the decor fabrics – pillows, plaids, curtains, etc. – in the room. You can choose to complement the colors in a painting. Or you can choose colors that are contrasts in either neutral or strong powerful color tones.

And a third factor is how the room is decorated with furniture, handicrafts and other abstract art. Here you can choose to stick to a specific style – eg naturalistic, figurative or abstract art. Or you can  mix more styles together.

Get more tips on the page.

Tips and inspiration for hanging paintings in your home

It may be difficult to get the paintings placed on the wall and set up in the perfect spot.

To achieve a perfect result, consider all important factors. And you should make your thoughts before buying the new paintings and hanging them up.

The factors deal with different conditions about: The room they should be in, the wall they should hang on and how the light is.

The 4 significant factors are:

Room size
Shape and size of the wall
The distance between the paintings and other elements
Light drop and ratio

Generally it can be difficult to get a optimization of the 4 factors individually. And therefore, you should overall assess what is most important in order to get the perfect solution.

Read more in the article.

Art blog

On my blog you can read news about my art as well as the exhibitions and art fairs I attend.

And then I also write articles:

About how I progress as an visual artist. Where I exhibit so you have the opportunity to see the artworks live. When I make competitions where you can win my art. And also about the new works of art I’m doing.

About decorating with pictures. How to choose the right paintings to your colors on the walls and the furniture you have. How important colors and motifs are in relation to who you are as a person. And how you hang up the works so it looks nice and they stay in place.

About painting technology, and how I can achieve the effects I want with the help of different techniques. How the process is, from the moment I take a blank canvas in my hand and then until the finished painting is ready for publication.

And about other topics related to art. These may be current events, or themes and perspectives I find interesting.

If you have been interested in one of my works of art, I recommend that you see it live before you buy.

Photos rarely provide visual art full justice. This applies both in terms of details, depth and color shades. And then the light is very important for the impression you get. Call or write me and we’ll find a time when you can visit me and see the works that you’re interested in.

Do you live far away from Odense, DK. Then you can also send me photos (taken from the front perspective) of the walls where you want the painting to be located. I then insert the art works into your photos with Photoshop and send them back to you. You can now get an impression of how it will look.

And when you buy art with me. Then I always offer 30 days full return on all painting purchases that have been made directly with me – with a full refuld of the painting (you have to pay for shipping).

I find inspiration for my colorful abstract paintings in many different places. Not least in nature, traveling and touring around the Danish country.

Ideas often occur at a glance I get of a specific scenario with shapes or color combinations I see.

Then the process begins by taking a blank canvas and finding the colors, paintings and tools that I want to use. And then I make a sketch of the subject on the canvas. From here, subjects, structure and colors develop until I am satisfied with the final results at some point.

It is important to me that the abstract art I make is inspiring curiosity. And draws the viewer so that he and her over and over again finds new details in the artwork.

Therefore, I always try to get lots of fine details, depths, contrasts and beautiful colors with many shades in my works.

What do you get when you buy my art?

When you buy art from me here in my online gallery, you will get:

A unique piece of art that you only have
An exclusive quality that keeps the work going on for many years
You deal directly with me, get the best price and advise
30 days full return if you regret
The works are ready for hanging with fittings and wire

I do NOT create copies, only original unique works of art. I only use materials that are high quality and specially made for use on canvas to ensure a long life. Shipping cost will be calculated based on your residence.

If the painting does not fit your home, you have 30 days to return it, and you’ll get all the money back. You do not have to worry about mounting brackets and wire as it is already put on – in a quality that lasts many years.

Read more about the 5 guarantees on the page.

Abstract paintings are original and unique art

An abstract painting is thorough original and unique art in my world.

Why ? – Because it makes your imagination work. You become curious about what the artwork is about and how it can be interpreted. This causes you to develop yourself and your understanding of the art. And then it gives you joy and color in your home.

Art is always a topic that gives plenty of stuff to a good talk, because different people see different things in the artwork. What does it mean, what effect does it have, how is the mood, what does the action represent, are symbols or cultural references used? Is it possible to make a judgement on what you know in advance and is there a message that can be interpreted?

Learn more about what abstract art is, the historical background, and which artists inspire me in my work.

If you’ve fallen in love with one of my works and it’s already sold. Or you need a special combination of motif, colors and size because it fits your living room perfectly.

I also make your very own personal unique painting on order.

The only requirement for what I have to do is that it is based on art that I have previously created. It may be that I can’t always fulfill your wishes as to how your artwork should look in terms of motifs and colors.

I’m always true to my art, and I’m only working in an abstract universe. Perhaps supplemented with lines, figures and fragments of words and sentences.

But I do not do figurative art – such as realistic portraits of humans, animals or nature.

Read more about how the process is on the page.

I regularly exhibit my art at both small and large companies, organizations and art associations.

It doesn’t cost the exhibitor anything, besides transportation costs. But I expect a minimum purchase of paintings of 1,000 eur. So I can cover the costs associated with an exhibition: the time it takes to put the exhibition together, packaging, and other expences.

The terms are agreed individually according to your needs – number of works as well as time period and span. I always take care of the transport back and forth, and if possible I help to hang up the paintings. If you need to support the exhibition, I’ll help.

Read more on the page.

How do you create a painting?

When I do my abstract art, I use many different techniques, tools, colors and media.

How the final combination end up depend on:

What I have chosen as a subject – is it purely abstract or should there be elements in the composition that contain an act, symbolism or specific forms. Whether there should be a specific message in the work or not. The way I want the atmosphere to be – must it be subdued or exaggerated in the expression of colors and contrasts.

I am writing about how to make a painting step-by-step from the beginning when start with the empty canvas, and until I finish the final painting ready for publication.

Here in the article you can read more about how to make a painting.

What is the importance of the quality?

When I do my artwork, I use many different materials in the manufacturing process.

It starts with media selection, namely the canvas and the stretch frame.

And continue with the paint and the media that I use for my creative interpretation of the subject. And in the end with a top protection in the form of a lacquer or another protective layer.

I only use materials of the very best quality, especially suitable for painting on canvas.

Why is that? Because it produces by far the best art works and ensures long durability. So buyers and art lovers can enjoy the works for many years to come.

Here in the article you can read about the quality of the paint artists use and the significance it has for, among other things, durability.

Company art offers many advantages

Art in the workplace helps improve the working environment and serves as an inspiration source for the employees.

It promotes creativity and innovation of the company’s employees, so they perform better, while feeling as a part of the company.

And to the outside world – shareholders, bankers, suppliers and not least customers – it shows who the company is.

With a clear message of what values and attitudes are , it establishes mission and vision in consciousness. And it’s a excellent way to ensure that there is constant focus on the most important taglines and slogans. Both in connection with campaigns and generally speaking.

Art can be deducted from tax – if it is original artwork, and it is a first-time purchase directly from the artist or from a gallery.

Read more on the page.

Buy your artwork directly from the artist

If you love art and buy it because you just have to own the works.

To get colors on the walls or in the rooms of your home.

Or get a natural gathering point that makes your decor unique.

Or for a gift for ones you love.

Or to enjoy the creativity the artist has produced.

It would often be a good idea to buy directly from the artist.

Here you get all the information you need about the artwork, the motif and how it has been created.

And if you have special wishes for colors or motifs, it’s often possible to have the artist make a painting specifically for you.

Here you can read about the benefits of buying directly from the artist.

Why purchase unique paintings?

In my opinion purchasing an original unique painting is an excellent idea.

The painting gives you a great opportunity to put your own personal touch on the interior of your home. And with your choice of colors and motifs, you also give family, friends, neighbors and acquaintances signals of how you are and see yourself.

It can be difficult to find the perfect unique gift that shows the recipient that you’ve really thought about it. If you need a special gift for a special person, there is nothing more personal than a unique piece of art.

And when you buy original art, you support the artist who has created the work. And makes a contribution that he or she can continue to develop his art and artistic skills in the future.

In this article I have collected 8 reasons why you should buy unique original paintings.

How to decorate your home with small paintings?

It can be difficult in the family to agree on what you should decorate the walls with.

Because taste and pleasure with regard to colors and motifs are quite different. Some prefer an abstract universe with lots of colors. Others prefer more naturalistic image motifs in pastel tones.

And there are plenty of options for wall decoration types – should it be a painting, a poster, a canvas print, a family photo, a wall carpet or something else?

Many people focus primarily on large paintings for the walls of the living room and the home’s other room. But it may be worth a few minutes to consider whether or not using small paintings is a better option?

Small paintings provide great flexibility, the ability to apply many diverse colors and motifs, and you get a great dynamic in the way you can adjust creatively.

Read more on the page.

Check the quality of a painting before purchasing it

Do you know the quality of the paintings you buy?

Is it something you even think about, or du you search information?

You may think that quality is of no significance, but it’s completely wrong.

Excellent quality is absolutely vital if you want to keep and enjoy the artworks for many years to come.

Assessing the quality of the paintings is different compared to the purchase of most other goods. Partly because it’s unique products, partly because there are only a few specifications where you can immediately compare the works you are considering. Eg. size. This means that you can not up front assess the quality without further investigation.

You must contact the artist or gallery so you can see the painting and make an assessment yourself. And ask questions about which materials are used for canvas, stretch frame, paint, laquering and other media.

Learn how to estimate the quality of your paintings.

How do you choose a painting?

When you have empty walls that are missing something beautiful to look at. Then paintings can be just what you are missing.

But it’s not always easy to find the perfect artwork. There are many considerations about size, lighting conditions, hanging, motifs, colors and much more.

Most importantly is, of course, that you think the painting is absolutely beautiful. It makes you happy and gives you many hours of entertainment because you can not help constantly looking at it. And then it’s making your interior decor perfect.

Another important consideration is whether you want a unique home decor your neighbor and friends can’t copy.

And then you should keep in mind whether it’s a painting you want to replace relatively soon or whether it will last for many years to come.

There are a number of other considerations that you should do. You can read more about this in the article. And get ready when your searching for a new painting on websites, art shows or galleries. To ensure you get the perfect art work on the wall.

Thank you for your interest in my art. You are always welcome to contact me if you have any questions.

Regards, Michael

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