Malerier af Michael Lønfeldt

Unique paintings, prints and designs

All paintings, prints and designs are unique original works of art. Created by artist Michael Lønfeldt

Exclusive quality

I use only the best artist materials.
Italian canvases and paint of the highest quality.

Artist Michael Lønfeldt

Michael Lønfeldt - kunstner og designer

I find inspiration for my colorful abstract paintings in many different places. Not least in nature travel and tours around the Danish country.

The ideas often arise at a glance I get from a specific scenario with shapes or color combinations I see.

It is important to me that the abstract art I make is creating curiosity. And draws the viewer, so that the person again and again finds new details in the artwork.

Therefore, I always try to get lots of small fine details, depth, contrasts and beautiful colors with many nuances in my works.

Besides the paintings, I also use my art and my designs in other products. This is done in canvas printing, bedding, clothes for women and men, and decorative pillows. In addition, I offer other companies who would like to use my designs in their products the opportunity to acquire the rights to do it.

Colorful abstract paintings

I always have a large and varied selection of my paintings for sale here in my online gallery. And new ones are coming on. There are new updates every week, so it may pay to look around regularly.

You will find many different designs, color combinations and sizes. I have a large selection of large paintings that fit perfectly over the couch or on the walls in the living room where there is plenty of space.

An abstract painting fits perfectly into the modern home, which is typically kept in the Scandinavian style, with a stylish look and bright colors. Here, a painting with colors and mood becomes a natural focal point that attracts attention. With a good contrast to the subdued colors in the decor. It gives life and soul to the wall of the living room and the other rooms of your home.

I have no physical galleries and only show my art here in my online gallery. Because it means less cost to me and ensures that I can sell to customers at reasonable prices.

Canvas prints

I make canvas prints with abstract designs. My paintings are still my starting point, and then I develop the colors, details and elements until the desired effect and motif appears.

As always, I attach great importance to the fact that this is a unique quality product. The canvas is therefore made of a excellent 100% cotton in a thick quality. The colors are from Epson. They have a high quality that guarantees that they last for a minimum of 30 years. The stretch frame is the same one I use for the paintings – European blockboard pine wood.

Products and product design

I use my abstract designs in a number of different products. Among other things in bedding, dresses, skirts, leggings, t-shirts, sweatshirts, tops, rashguards and pillows.

There are many inquiries from companies about using my designs in their products.

Therefore, I offer that they can acquire a license to use them. Are there any other of my paintings you want to use, or would you like to have a collaboration on the development of new designs, then it is also possible.

My designs are used in snowboards, wrist watches, women’s fashion, jewelry and bedding. Various examples of products I and others do are shown above. See more examples of designs and products on the page.

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